Thanks to those who attended our Homeless Youth Forum on June 27, 2017. One of the outcomes of this very informative event was a consensus for the need of a youth drop-in center in the Upstate. If you would like to be a part of planning and/or developing this initiative, please complete the form below.

Missed the Homeless Youth Forum?

To ask Latrice Thompson-Champman of Hope Center for Children a question, email her here.

Download slides from Natalie Worley of United Housing Connections here.

Download slides from James Campbell, CAC II, SAP of Phoenix Center here.

Download slides from Dr. Bonnie Smith of Greenville Technical College here

Special Thanks to the Upstate Continuum of Care Advisory Council

Candace Timmerman
HUD Case Manager and Grants Coordinator of Meg's House
CoC Advisory Council President

Beth Rutherford
Executive Director of SPIHN
CoC Advisory Council Secretary

Diane Cilento
CEO of United Housing Connections
CoC Advisory Council Chair

Bruce Forbes
Special Projects Coordinator of SHARE
CoC Advisory Council VP and Treasurer

Please note: Speakers and topics are subject to change. 

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