The Fight to End Homelessness 

Serving 13 counties in Upstate, SC, the Continuum of Care aims to prevent, reduce and end homelessness through the coordination of agencies in our communities. 

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135 Edinburgh Ct, Ste 100-B
Greenville, SC 29607


Areas of Service

Children services

Resources provided to children including protective services, life skills training, meals, shelter and counseling. 


emergency assistance

Emergency relief and assistance at times of crisis including food, utilities, clothing medication, financial assistance and other services. 



Services improving and promoting health in communities through health education, preventive care, medication, health screening, nutritional education and other resources.  


inmate, parolee & family counseling

Services to help parolees and their families to ensure successful reintroduction. Case management, inmate and family counseling, education information, halfway housing and other housing options, parolee counseling, crime prevention and intervention services provided. 

Domestic violence

Resources provided for abused women and children including shelter, food, personal items, clothing, counseling, case management, group counseling and other services. 


emergency shelter

Emergency shelter provided to those in crisis situations. Shelter is provided in the following forms: family shelters, general shelters, men's shelters, specialty shelters and women's shelters. 



Services to those who are HIV positive including emergency aid, financial assistance, case management, counseling. Advocacy on behalf of those who are HIV positive provided as well.  


mental health

Services to individuals with mental health issues including permanent supportive housing, case management, and educational and employment opportunities. 

drug & alcohol abuse

Resources provided to individuals dealing with substance abuse issues including rehabilitation counseling, case management, individual or group counseling, life skills, employment assistance, food, shelter and other services. 


Food assistance

Food assistance provided in forms ranging from soup kitchens to emergency meal boxes to food pantries.



Safe, affordable housing provided in the form of permanent and temporary housing. Services and case management also provided to ensure that at-risk families and individuals remain in their homes.


senior citizens

Services specific to senior citizen needs including transportation, senior access, informatio and referrals and home delivered meals. 


We know that a city is not of brick alone. We know that a home is more than a shelter. Through dozens of other programs we are trying to work to improve the quality of man’s life and to better humanity.
— Lyndon B. Johnson
Remarks Upon Signing the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968